It's hard to admit things won't work out
I'll kill myself so you have something to write about
It's sad to admit I've called it quits
I'll kill myself,
but not over this.

If you have to count on more than one hand
the time's you've had to watch someone else leave
then I'm right there -
I'm right there with you
It's people like you
that make me happy
to be by myself

Somethings just don't work out
that's a part of growing up I could do without.

Unsure of the time, I've broken all my clocks.
(My backdoor hangs open, my bedroom is always closed
and I'm tired of trying to see through tears)
I'd hardly consider this a present,
just trying to remember better days
(It's been a real long string of days
I can't remember what month it is)

My front door is locked up -
it's the only place that has one
(and I'm tired of waking up scared)
I'm glad I never gave you the key
I'm happy I don't know where you are

And I'm trying to remember those days.




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You Take The Bus When You're Dead Calgary, Alberta

Three fellas doin' the music thing up north.

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